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Gerd O Mueller  (GOM)

dipl. phys. Dr. sc. nat., Prof. emeritus

Regina Mueller-Mach  (RMM)

dipl. phys., Dr. rer. nat., Dr. sc. nat.


after many years in the Silicon Valley hi-tech industry both of us retired from Philips Lumileds (PLL), San Jose, CA, in 2009 Since then we do 'consulting' and founded our own LLC - GOMMAconsult GmbH - under German law, registered in Berlin.


After an academic career in Germany and worldwide consultancy we were hired into Hewlett Packard Laboratories, Palo Alto, CA, in 1994; opted for Agilent in the HP split, joined Lumileds in 2000, later Philips Lumileds and finally Philips. RMM headed the Phosphor Lab of PLL's Advanced Labs; GOM worked as Chief Scientist in Advanced Labs. About 60 patents resulted from our work.

Academic Careers

Physics (RMM), Physics and Mathematics (GOM) studies at Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, yielded dipl. phys grades and PhDs (Dr.rer.nat.) titles from Humboldt University too. After research work at Academy of Sciences in Berlin GOM earned a, entitling to teach at universities; some years later RMM too. In 1978 GOM was appointed Professor of Solid State Physics of Academy of Sciences in Berlin.

Electroluminescence and semiconductor physics were the main fields of research activity in their academic work. GOM was PI in about 55 PhD and diploma theses, mainly submitted to  Humboldt University. He published about 100 original and review papers, RMM about 50. RMM obtained the Gustav-Hertz-Preis of the Physical Society.

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Some Publications

Despite the fact, that most of the results obtained in industry labs are under non-disclosure- agreements, we are especially proud of some publications in journals and presentations at international conferences:

​  Illumination grade white LEDs, Gerd O Mueller and Regina Mueller-Mach, Proc SPIE 2003

​  High-Power III-Nitride Emitters for Solid Stat Lighting, M.R. Krames et al., phys stat.sol.(a) 190 (2002)

​  Auger recombination in InGaN measured by photoluminescence, Y.C. Shen, G. O. Mueller, N. F.   Gardner, A. Munkholm R. Krames, Applied Physics Letters 91, 141101 (2007)

​  Highly efficient all-nitride phsphor-converted white light emitting diode, Regina Mueller-Mach et al,     phys. stat.sol. (a) 1-6 (2005)

 Phosphor-Converted High Power LEDs, Regina Mueller-Mach et al., First International Conference on  White LEDs and Solid State Lighting, Tokyo 2007,